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  • "...thank you for stepping up to the plate and going above and beyond the call of duty...Your cool, level headed demeanor, in-depth technical knowledge, and methodical attention to detail was truly key to the successful implementation and project completion."...Robert H, Seattle, WA
  • "Please be aware that Hamid is perhaps the best support engineer I have ever had the pleasure of working with in all of my years in IT."...John B, Ft Worth, TX
  • "I would recommend PC Source as able and reliable systems consultants to anyone without hesitation."...Paul H, San Rafael, CA
  • "During our network expansions of the past 3 years, other than new systems costs there have been no back-end changes necessary."...Cindy L, San Francisco, CA
  • "The desktop, server and network systems installed for us have been very reliable and expandable. We have had virtually no down time due to system problems in the past year."...John N, San Francisco, CA
  • Our PC Source consultant "is a reliable, knowledgeable and hard-working engineer who has the added skill of being pleasant and easy to work with. I appreciated his availability and accommodating nature. I highly recommend PC Source for any technical or engineering assistance on any project. Thanks for your excellent assistance, Hamid!"...Morgan T, Berkeley, CA
  • "Thanks for your hard work in getting us going over the last year, it's really improved things for us!"...Liston W, San Rafael, CA
  • PC Source consultant "is among a tiny percentage of technology consultants who combine high-level skills with a truly helpful attitude. Given the twists and turns of tech, that is highly important."...Kevin N, Newport Beach, CA
  • Just want to thank you for helping me find the right solution for my issues. The time spent with you was invaluable and I am grateful.
  • "...Jacques H, MD, Oakland, CA

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