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The security of our IT systems has become critical as our lives have become more reliant on information systems and services. On the risk side, attacks have become more sophisticated, often escaping protections that are in place. Some businesses are obligated by applicable regulations to protect private information and disclose security breaches soon after they occur. Security policies and regulations exist to increase awareness, encourage responsible use and punish violators. When businesses fall victim to ransomware attacks, specific procedures have to be followed to contain damage, protect unaffected system, restore services and pursue the offenders.

PC Source's security services fall into 2 categories-preventive and responsive. Some of our preventive services are:
  • Authoring IT asset use, IT, governance and security policies
  • System, network and application hardening
  • Disaster recovery planning and testing, backup system design and operation
  • Security assessments, vulnerability and pentration scanning
  • High availability system design and engineering
  • DKIM keys & SPF records for mail servers to reduce phishing attacks and spam
Our responsive security services include:
  • Security incident response and management
  • Network isolation, malware command and control blocking
  • System monitoring, forensic analysis
  • Security software agent installation and deployment
  • IT environment design and rebuilds
  • Data recovery from backup
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